As a Licensed Mental Health Counselor I use many tools in the process of helping my clients. One of the most interesting is hypnosis. I use it along with regular counseling to speed the healing process.

Hypnosis may be thought of as encouraging the clients’ creative imaginations to make changes in their behaviors, attitudes, emotions, & feelings that are in accordance with their values. People cannot be made to do things under hypnosis that they don’t want to do.

In some situations such as smoking cessation, nail biting, sleep disorders, & anxiety & panic attacks the desired results may be immediate.

In other situations such as relieving depression, diminishing & controlling anger, changing eating habits, addictions, and improvement in motivation, more sessions are needed as the hypnosis is used with counseling to speed the change process along.

I have worked with many athletes to improve their performance in tennis, golf, swimming, diving, high jump, & running.

I have helped individuals stop their use of alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, & carbonated soft drinks. I have helped clients to dramatically change their sleep patterns so that they either sleep through the night, or if they awaken prematurely, return easily & quickly to sleep. I’ve helped many, many people to diminish their feelings of anxiety and other fears as well as to control their phobias.

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