Meditation began as a part of yoga practice about 5000 years ago, and over these years has become a discipline of its own. It’s been gaining in popularity as more doctors have begun recommending it to their patients as a way to lower blood pressure, reduce stress in the mind and the body, and to improve feelings of well being. Those of us who have been meditating over the years are very familiar with its benefits. It also improves concentration, helps with sleep, and improves the immune system.

Learning how to meditate is not very difficult. The techniques are easy to understand and easy to practice. And yet, many people have trouble learning how to meditate correctly. I have talked to people over the years about meditation and I often hear, “Oh, I tried it, but I couldn’t do it.”

My education, training, and experience as a counselor focus not only on psychology but on effective communication and teaching, as well. I apply my knowledge of psychology to the teaching of meditation. My teaching method allows most of my students to begin and maintain a successful meditation experience.

Meditation is a wonderful way to begin your day, refresh yourself mid-day, or place yourself into a relaxed state just before bedtime.

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