Over the years of working with clients, some of them relocated to other states. Many of them chose to continue counseling with me, only now we had our sessions by telephone. They were so pleased with the way these sessions helped them that they began to refer their friends and relatives to me for the purpose of getting help with their issues through telephone sessions.

I have treated people with depression and anxiety, including anxiety and panic attacks, sleep problems, weight loss, smoking, alcohol, motivation, sexual problems and countless other issues successfully with counseling on the telephone. I have helped couples with relationship problems and with parenting issues.

When I use hypnosis on the phone the client is usually sitting in a comfortable chair or recliner, or even lying in bed. I record the hypnosis digitally as I’m doing it and email it to the client immediately after the session. Many of the clients put them in their iPhones or other portable devices, some burn a CD, and some leave them on their computers. I may then ask the clients to listen to the hypnosis recordings between sessions.

These clients appreciate the ease of having sessions from the convenience of their homes, offices, even hotel rooms when they’re on business trips or vacations.

Telephone sessions work the same as office visits; the clients contact me by telephone, email, or text messages. We then set a date and time for the session.

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